160 meter Antenna Experiment

Part 2 – Doublet Antenna – 1.8..55 MHz   (2018 – till now)


The completed doublet consisting of two wires (40m each), dipole center and 15m of 450 ohm twin feeder (left)

A closer look at the assembled dipole center (right)


One of the erected glass fibre poles (length approx. 10m) and support platform @6m (left)

An overview of the complete setup : doublet, 10m above ground-level, in use for 160 – 10m (right)

The same doublet during harsh winter conditions – February 26th 2018

The StockCorner JC4s tuner (0.5 – 30 MHz) and the special designed tuner Balun


Part 1 – EndFed Antenna – 1.8 MHz   (2016 – 2017)


Preparation of all the support parts for getting the EndFed antenna up. The major parts are the 4 glass fibre telescopic poles (each 10m long) which are going to be erected in the outer corners of the lower part of our garden. As part of the experimental construction, two wooden poles (8cm in diameter) are being used for each of the glass fibre poles.


The first pole is up now, supported by 3 guy ropes which are connected to a platform at 6m above ground level (left + middle). The fourth pole completes the antenna ‘square’ at the other end of the garden.


What a beautiful construction, isn’t it 😉


An overview of the complete antenna setup (left). The balun and line isolator at the end of the antenna chain to make it all work well (right).